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Finding Flow

By Maura on Jul 06, 2017

March 5, 2017

There is a thing that happens when I'm performing sometimes, the set starts, the singing starts, the solos are effortless, the timing is perfect, everything works and time stops or accelerates or evaporates, I don't even know how to describe it.

Apparently, it is a thing - not limited to music- it is called flow.

It's like time slows down and speeds up at the same time

I've experienced it occasionally when dancing or practicing martial arts.  It's like all the practice and effort has suddenly gelled, and for a few seconds, I can anticipate the next sound, the next step,the next move.

Then it's gone.

And the practice and work continue.

I've learned some things over the years.

To get to the next level of whatever it is you're striving for takes effort.  Well, it does for me and flow is the farthest thing from my practice.

Sometimes you might have to be bad at something for a really long time before you get to what you think is an acceptable level of proficiency, you might have to risk embarassment and get over the fear of failure- or not get over the fear of failure and do it anyway- and you might never get it.

Never get the flow.

When I was younger, I occasionally heard the comment, you are good at everything, so not true, I only did the things that I was good at, and there really weren't many.

Somewhere along the way, I decided to try new things and I've since made it a practice, and some of them have been hard for me.  Struggling to figure out left from right has followed and proceeded me on many journeys.  

I've learned to get over myself, and forgive myself for not achieving immediate success and proficiency or any proficiency at all.

Here's what works for me:  it's ok to try something and drop it if it's not right for you. It's ok to keep doing something you may never be great at if the challenge keeps you inspired.  It's ok to keep working at something and really push through a low point to get somewhere new. It's all ok.  It's what life is, taking the time, being there, stepping out when you can, and knowing when to retreat and regroup.

Listen, really listen,

Jump in, take the plunge, you never know, you might find some flow.



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