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Milestones and fresh starts

Every day is a new day

By Maura on Jul 01, 2017

It is Sunday morning, the birds are singing, the trees are budding, the sun is shining after several rainy days.  I have just had the pleasure of attending my son's high school graduation and watching the excitement and hopefulness and the expectation that life is unfolding before all those young people.  

Proud parents everywhere, some relieved, some worried that they are sending their children out into the world now, and are they equipped, and have they helped them make good decisions and can their children now make some of those big decisions on their own.  Knowing that life is going to throw them some curve balls, that the dreams they have held so closely might get derailed, that buying groceries and paying bills might get in the way.

Parents know those things because it has happened to them.  Some may have kept true to their vision and some have let their vision go.  Some let those dreams go intentionally, consciously, choosing another path and some let themselves drift off course. That drift could leave more pain behind it. Hard to say. There can be some hard truths when you face your dreams and you are falling short, that you didn't make it, didn't strive, didn't have enough talent, didn't choose well..didn't work hard enough. 

This is one thing I know, there is no sell by date on dreaming, no best before, no expiry date.

Letting your children dream does not preclude you from dreaming.

Letting your children find their wings does not mean you can't start flying again yourself.

Every morning is a new opportunity to decide to be different or do different.

With joy, I will watch my son as he grasps and holds firm to life with excitement and passion. I will support him or let him make his own way as is required.  With joy, I will re-commit daily to the things I know to be important, my family, my friends, my music, forwarding healthy lifestyles in the world, and living with intention.

Have a great day.


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