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Keeping your ship afloat

By Maura on Jul 06, 2017

February 19, 2017

I sent out a facebook request for blog ideas, thanks to everyone who pm'd me.  You'll probably recognize your idea in the coming while.

I might take it in a direction you don't recognize or it might hit home.

Either way, thanks for the input and thanks for continuing to read.

I was sent a great quote which basically said: ships don't sink because of the water around them, they sink because of the water that gets in them.


Ships are designed to float,to cut through the waves, fly before the wind, calmly lay at anchor in a safe harbour, provide refuge, move us, help us adventure and explore, help us survive.

Are we the ship? Is the ship the life we've built, the dreams we have?

Have we spent enough time to make sure our life can weather the storm? And there will be one or many.

Have we prepared?  Are we prepared?  Prepared to run before the wind..and with what intent?

To get out of harm's way or travel farther than we've ever been before.

Sometimes it seems like some rogue wave comes out of nowhere and swamps us. Other times a tiny, insidious, inconsequential leak starts filling our ship until we are overwhelmed.  They can both be devastating.

Be vigilant.

You better know if you are the rogue wave capsizing your own life, and if you do know, you may want to admit it.

You might take a look to see where you are taking on water.  Is it your water or are you letting your environment sink your ship?

It happens.  We get taken aback.  We let the constant noise wear us down.  We let that internal voice convince us we've lost our way.

Maybe they are external voices, the ones that aren't supporting us through our failures and rejoicing our successes.  You probably have one or two of those in your life, just so you know, those people, they aren't your life preservers.  

There will be storms ahead, but there will be some clear sailing.

Get on the ship, hoist the anchor, yes, plan ahead and don't forget to embrace spontaneity, be ready. Stay afloat if that's where you are at, and then, be ready.

Be ready to fly before the wind, feel the sun on your face, taste the salt air, stand on the deck and feel the swell of the waves beneath you. Be ready.






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