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Setting your art free

By Maura on Jul 01, 2017

I've been noticing a phrase that I'm using in my blogs and conversations when I talk about art.  I talk about releasing art in the world and setting it free.

Whether we are creating a photograph, a poem, music, a fine meal, we are all artists.  We interpret, we describe, we exist in the world and we make it make sense, our own kind of sense. 

We decide to create, and then once we have created, we have more decisions to make.  We choose. We choose to save, destroy, change, or release.

We might start to analyze, to criticize and mentally dismantle this art we've made. 

This is a funny and amazing world we live in, we are able to share our art for all the world to see and hear with the click of a button. We can set it free, let people hear it, see it, love it or not.

We are judging creatures, we humans, and sometimes less generous than we could be with ourselves and others.

Sometimes we don't allow people the time to get to greatness.  We look at their art,  their essence of expression and we measure it, categorize it and put it in the box of our opinions. We might encourage.  We might discourage, and we might allow ourselves to think that our comments might acutally save them from themselves, save them embarassment or disappointment.

We might crush a hope or light a fire, as that artist soul might rail against an attitude and fight to be free, or sigh and fade away.

Everyone responds differently.

What would be nice is to give some space-some space to ourselves to expand our belief and willingness to risk judgement to grow as an artist and human.

What would be nice is to give space to others, to give them a safe place to expand their willingness to risk, to get to new heights, as an artist and as a human. To get closer to their greatness.

If you have an artist in your life, love them.

If you are an artist, keep at it, and surround yourself with people you love, and people who love you.

Art is important.

It sets us free.



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