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The Width of our Lives

By Maura on Jul 01, 2017

Embarking on this weekly blog journey has been enlightening: a mini-discovery of what I spend my time thinking about and if any of those thoughts bear sharing.

Texting a close friend this week, I typed, " I need a blog idea for Sunday."  Re-reading that, I immediately sense that I might be putting said blog, into the "This is going to be hard category" of my life. There really isn't any more room in that train compartment, so I'm getting off at the next stop.

Anyway, I am meandering, back to the point...

She sent me a thought about living the width of our lives and later tracked down the original quote by Diane Ackerman​.

This quote is enough to make me investigate the full scope of her work, and there is a lot.

It sang to me.

If you, like me, are the type of person who wants to try things and find out if you could be good at them or good enough to feel joy and then you catch yourself thinking."wow, if only I could have put that energy into ..Pick One  becoming a great doctor, lawyer, musician, writer, or anything really, Stop  it.  It doesn't help, and all it does do, is take the joy out of trying and learning something new.

This quote set me free for a second, and, maybe, if I truly embrace it, I will set myself free.

I am not that person, that stick to one thing and stick to what I know person.  I am a lyricist, a singer, a writer, I practice yoga, I love martial arts, I've danced Bollywood, I make crafts, and bake, I love presenting and getting a message across, and I've worked, in sales and management to keep my family fed and my art alive. And yes, if I spent more time and focussed and let some things go, I might get scary good at one of two of them.

But I'm living the width of my life.

This expanse of road stretching out before us might seem endless.

It's not.

I'm going to enjoy stepping off that road to take a wander in a field or forest.

Maybe I'll see you there.






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