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the best laid plans

asking for help

By Maura on Jul 01, 2017

At times in my life, things have not gone according to plan.  Or it felt that way.

Sometimes you have a plan, or you are calling it a plan, but, really, it is a loose connection of thoughts with an end goal in mind.

Or you do have a plan, and you start working away and you get busy( not productive), busy, and you don't even check in with your plan.

Are you even following the steps?

By you, I mean me.

I've been guilty of meandering plans, specific plans I then didn't follow  or worse, no plan at all.

If you don't follow a plan, you can't really connect your success or failure to it.  It certainly makes repeating successes that much harder.

Not being invested in a plan, might allow me to feel as if there is no failure. Jump to the next step,not being invested in failure seems like a safe bet.  

Or it can, for a while.

Until you read something like this:


I read it and experienced what felt like a gut punch.

I've been spending some time lately thinking about choices I made, or worse, to my mind anyway, choices I didn't make as I moved through life.

Times when I clung to a bad situation like a life preserver, in the hopes that I'd weather the storm and times when I abandoned ship at the first sign of rough water.

In retrospect, it's easier to judge the better decision.

Now that I have all the information, now that I've seen the outcome, now that I'm removed from an emotionally charged situation, I can choose better.

In retrospect, it's easy to see that talking it through, having tough conversations, asking for some help, would have made almost any of the choices more clear.

Asking for some help building that plan in the first place, getting some input, that would have helped too.

And you know what else?

Surrounding yourself with people who will step forward without being asked, call you on your crap while still loving you, let you step on a couple of landmines for the experience, and not let you flame out in a blaze of glory if you are willing to take their advice; those things help.

Be that person for others.  We can save ourselves and we can save ourselves by saving others.

That's a plan I can get my head around.









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