On Being

November 21, 2011 

I have a myriad of interests to which I apply myself at times wholeheartedly with determination and focus and at times with the casual indifference with which you might treat a good friend, not intentionally ignoring them, just knowing they’d still be there when you had the time and energy and possibly the means to continue the pursuit. 

I have some general rules I live by. 

The first being at least 80% compliance to whatever goal I have set. 

I am a beginner in all things I learn; always there will be a master ahead of me to provide inspiration. 

I believe we are given the care of our body and spirit and should try to do our best with the best we have at the time. 

I believe we must nourish ourselves and the others around us, with challenges and support as the moment demands. 

I believe the getting up is more important than the fall 

I have given up trying to be all things for all people and only one thing for the boxes life likes to put you in. 

I am a sometime writer of lyrics and poetry and miscellaneous thoughts. 

An adviser or a listener. 

An observer or an instigator. 

An optimist and a pragmatist. 

Self centred and magnanimous. 

Opinionated and forgiving. 

A parent, singer, manager, fitness enthusiast, music promoter ; with parent being the most rewarding and constant of all the things I do and singer being the thing I do which keeps my soul breathing. 

Try to find your thing or things, not just the things you are good at but even the things which you may have to work at, you’ll know it when you find it, it’ll make you feel alive.

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