Persistence, stubbornness and flow

October 9, 2017 

I wonder at the difference between persistence and stubbornness. 

Are they just two shades of the same colour? 

Does persistence imply a desire or a need? 

Is desire a wish or a want…

It's not on the list



September 24, 2017 

What if it’s not on the list? 

I’ve written more than 1 blog about having many and varied hobbies, habits, things I do. Some things I do easily, some require effort. Doing 1…

The things that can chip away

The things that can chip away… 

August 13, 2017 

There’s a thing that can happen. 

With subtlety or obvious effect. 

It’s a thing we do to ourselves mostly, without knowing it or not really on purpose…

Fear of Missing Out

April 9, 2017 

I'm multi-tasking.  I'm at the gym, trying to keep much needed cardio in my health and fitness routine.  There's music blaring, and the 5 televisions in front of the cardio area are each playing different shows…

Spring Cleaning

April 30, 2017 

Spring keeps teasing us this year. 

The refreshing rain turns to sleet, freezes, turns to snow.  It's been overcast, seems like the sun has been hiding. 

The buds are on the trees, though, and…


April 23, 2017 


I've been thinking about regret. 

I have a line in one of my songs, "regrets and all they cost" 

Things I have and have not done. 

Things I have and have…

Music to live by

March 17, 2017 

A few years ago, my son and I took a road trip 

He had updated my Ipod with songs from Bob Marley and Johnny Cash to Years and Years, Frank Turner, Neon Trees. 


On Being

November 21, 2011 

I have a myriad of interests to which I apply myself at times wholeheartedly with determination and focus and at times with the casual indifference with which you might treat a good friend, not intentionally ignoring…

Singer's Life Lessons Fuel her Music

February 11, 2012 

Singer's Life Lessons Fuel Her Music 

Annalise Klingbeil 

For Neighbours 

Thursday, December 23, 2010 

While the birth of her son 15 years ago inspired Maura Shaftoe to pursue her love of music…

The Little Things

April 16, 2012 

Sunday morning my cell phone rang, my sister from Ontario called to say it was the first time she had heard me singing on the radio in real time, without me calling to say, I'm doing…

On getting out of my own way again

February 1, 2013 

The title of this blog is: On getting out of my own way again.. The again is because I actually wrote this in June of last year, and got in my own way and didn't hit…