Spring Cleaning

April 30, 2017 

Spring keeps teasing us this year. 

The refreshing rain turns to sleet, freezes, turns to snow.  It's been overcast, seems like the sun has been hiding. 

The buds are on the trees, though, and the hardiest of weeds are peeking out of cracks in my sidewalk. 

Spring will come.  It always does.  With it will come renewal and thoughts of renewal and fresh starts, and clean sweeps.  Spring cleaning. 

There's the spring cleaning we get, the taking down of curtains, the washing of windows, moving the couch instead of vacuuming around it, and getting rid of things we aren't using. 

Throwing the windows open to let the fresh air blow through the house after a long winter. 

Then there's the spring cleaning that might be a little less clear, the internal kind, the kind that might be avoided or ignored.  Just the thought of it might bring anxiety.  Shining a light on those ways of being that served so well in the past; those expectations of an expected outcome, the limitations of knowing how something will go, how it will be responded to, how you will feel about it, what emotions will rise to the surface. 

Spring cleaning those things, might take a little effort; becoming aware of how you are making decisions each time, acknowledging if you are actually making them or just living life by default. 

Just noticing the way you feel when something happens and you automatically feel the way you automatically feel. It might be great to sweep the cobwebs off that one. 

At least checking in to see if the way you are responding is adding value or keeping you in a cage of your own making. 

It's easy to see the hope that spring graciously brings, the renewal, the joy, the opportunity for rebirth.  Renewal and rebirth are available to us at all times.  We can clean up a few things, let go, start afresh. 

Ahhh, spring, I will let you in this year, may the spring cleaning begin. 



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