Fear of Missing Out

April 9, 2017 

I'm multi-tasking.  I'm at the gym, trying to keep much needed cardio in my health and fitness routine.  There's music blaring, and the 5 televisions in front of the cardio area are each playing different shows, cooking, golf and Pitch Perfect ( with sub-titles). 

Just watching the commercials is a distraction, since I'm trying to write my blog as I'm biking away. 

I'm sure you've gathered by now, I am painfully aware of distractions and how I let them get in my way. 

Just the sheer volume of marketing of things to do and buy and covet, the constant pressure to be and do. 

And of course, the fear of missing out. 

I remember an acquaintance explaining her need to work all day( think urban professional, accountant, tax lawyer) and her need to go clubbing everynight.  All driven by her fear of missing out on success, fun, belonging. 

I got it. 

While I love a night of dancing though, it doesn't really line up with my fear of missing out. 

I think that sense of missing out is different for everyone. Could be travelling, clubbing, karoake, family dinners, Lord of the Ring marathons, parasailing, live music.. 

I've noticed though, that sometimes, maybe most of the time, I'm going through the motions of being there. 

If I was really there, present, enjoying, invested, I wouldn't have time to fear missing out. 

There'd be no room for missing out. 

There would just be now, and now and now. 



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