It's not on the list



September 24, 2017 

What if it’s not on the list? 

I’ve written more than 1 blog about having many and varied hobbies, habits, things I do. Some things I do easily, some require effort. Doing 1 thing only, however passionate I may be about it, doesn’t work for my soul. 

I love learning about and trying new things. Sometimes, I get caught up to the detriment of all else. 

That’s what today is about, mostly, how things start taking a false priority, and bump the things I said were important to the bottom of the list. 

So, what if it’s not on the list? 

I went to a golf tournament recently. In a weak moment, I accepted the invitation and then something started to happen. 

That happy, carefree golf date started to morph into something…scary. 

I suddenly, (how did I forget?) remembered that I hadn’t golfed in, could it be(?), 10 years and probably 3 before that. I, in fact, was never a great, good or, let’s face it, passable golfer. 

I started to worry about making a fool of myself, swinging and missing, having a dreadful time. 

I managed a driving range visit before the game and ended up with fantastic teammates, all of whom had golfed for years. I managed to let it all go. 

I let go of that panicky, pit of the stomach feeling and the sense that I would be a failure. 

I willingly accepted the coaching and encouragement. I got off enough decent hits that I remembered… can be awesome. 

Then it happened. I started doing the mental re-arrangement of my already FTB (fit to burst) schedule to fit in driving range practice, imagining that next summer I could golf weekly, take golfing holidays… 


And I took a deep breath and said no. 

I get it. 

I get golf is awesome. 

Tap dancing is awesome. 

Extreme frisbee is awesome. 

Achieving mastery at anything is, well, awesome. 

And it takes time and dedication and maybe for a while, that laser focus I so often struggle with. 

None of those things, however much they draw me at the moment of contact, are on my list. 

So, no. 

I have things I want to do and be and get better at and expand upon. 

I have things to say and sing that might have some impact. 

Letting other minor interests insinuate themselves into my schedule is not going to work for me. 

Phew, what a relief. 

So, no, thank you for asking, friend and thank you, friend inside my head for checking in to see if I can expand my horizons and take a little risk. I have a full schedule and time’s a wasting. 

Please choose someone else to invite and entice, someone who would really love it. 

I will continue to chip away at my list and achieve mastery one step and one breath at a time. 



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