That is a loaded word, for some, perhaps many of us. 

What does it even mean? 

“a feeling of deep admiration for someone elicited by their abilities, qualities or achievements” 

“esteem, high regard, due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights or traditions of others” 

Google respect and you will see: 

“you don’t demand respect, you earn it” 

“respect yourself and others will respect you” Confucius 

“give respect to earn it” 

“my love is unconditional; my trust and respect are not” 

That last makes me think the love was not unconditional, can unconditional love exist without trust and respect? 

I always tried to start at the other end of the spectrum, I automatically tried to hold you in high regard, because you were a human. 

Naïve perhaps, and I didn’t always succeed, my judgements and pre-conceived notions got the better of me. 

Truly, I can’t hold myself out as more honourable than anyone else, for gifting unearned respect. Heaven help you, if you lost it, it was a long road back and maybe not worth the trip. Forgiveness and respect sometimes are not in alignment. 

It’s interesting this earning respect. To me, it sounds like holding judgement. What if a person’s abilities or skill don’t impress? Are they somehow less than? 

I spent many years in the auto industry, earning respect, rough translation: proving myself. 

And yes, I have more than a few stores to tell, (#metoo); that’s not what this is about. 

What is it really about respect that can be a such a trigger? I really don’t know what earning respect means. How does one ever guess what one must do to earn respect? (“gain or incur deservedly”) 

What is the standard? 

What is the value we are trying to add or attain? 

Words are powerful. 

Respect, to be sure, is a difficult concept. 

To hold someone in high regard 

If I took the time to listen, to watch, and to understand, would there be more or less reason to respect? 

This is what I know; start with being kind, to yourself, others, the planet. 

Make some room for forgiveness, mistakes will be made. 

Keep developing as a human. 

Help other people develop. 

Hold your self dear and keep a warm space in your heart for humanity. 

We are all just trying to take the next step. 



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