Everyone counts

I recently changed the title of my blog page to “things I think about at 3 am”.

Really, it’s what I’m thinking of at anytime, anytime that I have created enough space in my day to think, since mostly I work and then try to find the time and energy to create, to think and to think about improving. 

Trying to remember where I fit in this crazy world requires some negotiating, with myself mostly. 
Because it is a lot easier to not think about where I fit, and where everyone else fits, and what my message is or could be. 

It is, and it isn’t easier to not consider the world inside of me and outside of me.

It’s easier to pretend that my actions don’t matter, that nothing I do will change the course of things to the good or bad, so my choices, both considered and nonchalant, are not important. 
It also isn’t easy to live a life thinking that nothing I do counts.

If every second I could consider the decisions I make and make the better one, the one that I’d make if I hadn’t been sad, tired, angry or disappointed.  I’d make the world a better place for my friends, family, and the rest of the human beings I meet.  That should be reason enough to pause before choosing, to anticipate the impact. 

I make music and write words, I work hard, I try to be kind, and I believe everyone counts.

I think trying to stay healthy in spirit and body can be a fight worth fighting. 
In this world of self-actualization, putting the needs of the planet and others ahead of our own desires is more necessary than ever. 
I believe everyone counts. 

I don't often achieve selflessness, and I am not giving up.



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