Standing firm

I recently wrote these lyrics

We made a pact together

Stand firm and strong forever

They were written for our Life Into Song Project.  ( there will be more on this project coming soon).


Yes,there is the story of two people behind these lines.

And, there is a larger story.

Imagine making a pact, a commitment, an arrangement and standing firm in your decision.

Imagine making and keeping your commitments to yourself.

Having the where-with-all and the freedom to think and feel your way to that pact, that choice and see if it is one worth making in the first place.

I believe, in my case, anyway, that we would make fewer and break fewer commitments if we took the time when it counts. At the start, before we make it. Check in with ourselves and see, hear, feel, think ( choose your word) if this is the right choice, is this choice going to move us closer to the person we are drawn to be. If more than one person is involved can we say the same for them, will the commitment we are about to make moves them closer to their best version of themselves.  That is if we even know what their vision is for them.

Life can be, and often is, lived by default.  We can fall into a life that traps us with our shoulds and our over-commitments or we can build a fortress of loneliness and regret by committing to nothing or, at least, nothing difficult.

I have realized for me that checking in to see if something feels right and listening if it doesn't results in less disappointment all around.

There is something to be said for choosing.

Something to be said for standing firm.

Something to be said for making a pact.

Something to be said for keeping your footing even as the ground shifts beneath you.

And it starts with deciding, and committing to be steadfast.

Such a great word





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