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John Holden  2BACR FM 100.9 - Sydney, Australia 

“Singer songwriter Maura Shaftoe is blessed with a rare talent - to be able to craft a tune and make it ring true with the listener. Her latest album, Make Me A Memory, is filled with examples of loss, love and shared experiences. The essential message from this album is live without regrets. The melodies are simple yet memorable and the lyrics expertly crafted. Her warm soulful voice takes you on a shared journey. She keeps the arrangements to piano, drums, bass, organ and electric piano, which make it easy to follow the context of the tunes. My favourite is Desert, but other enjoyable tracks include The Colour Of Our Love, Special Occasion and Living Large. This is an intimate album - give it its due respect and just sit, listen and let it absorb into you.


Radio Duivenstraat - Enschede, Netherlands  

“What a voice, she brings jazz to a great audience by mixing it with popmusic”

 Jason Velázquez 

“With Make Me A Memory, Maura Shaftoe matches the impressive strength of her voice with a clear-minded prosey set of lyrics that range from the inquisitive to the accusatory. And that voice is exactly the instrument to convey the depth and breath of emotion she wills into being in this collection of tracks that explore the nuances, the edges, of what would be familiar territory in another artists hands. Shaftoe, however, manages to express humility without veering into self-deprecation, the search for identity without navel-gazing, and disillusionment without acidic bitterness. Her vocal performance is an excellent match for her open narrative, although at times I found myself wishing she would turn the faucet on just a bit more forcefully in places, releasing the torrent of feeling that seems about to burst through the dam restraining her light and dark passions. That unrelenting tension, of course, may be some of what gives this release so much power. 

Animajazz / Punto Radio, 91.6 FM - Pisa, Italy / *

“Il CD "Make Me A Memory" della vocalist Maura Shaftoe si presenta con eleganza e dolcezza di atmosfere, vissute dalla cantante con morbidezza e partecipazione interiore. Professionalità e sensibilità si sposano in un connubio vincente che rende gradevole l'ascolto di tutte le tracce. I membri della band contribuiscono alla riuscita del progetto vivendo con sensibile "complicità" le istanze musicali della leader ed esprimendo esperienza musicale e bravura tecnica

Locos Por El Jazz Radio  Fantasia 89.5 FM - San Felipe De Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic /  

“Excelente. Mil gracias.” 

Laurent BONNEFOY2 Radio 16, 99.2 FM - Besseges, France

“A beautiful voice... An invitation to live without regrets... Between pop and jazz...A good choice..!!”