We do What We Do

I was going through some old promo, articles, show posters.

In the days when I was singing jazz. I am hoping my enthusiasm made up for a lot.

It's not what I do anymore, although it still informs my work.

Now my attempts at songwriting are to find enough words and sing it with enough connection that it can say something.

I don't always succeed.

I think art and the creation of art is what makes us human and what keeps us human.

And we are seeing some dark times.

Darker than ever?


But dark enough to take notice.

Because it is easy to lose sight of what we do here and why.

That we are all in this together.

So I am doing my small part.

Making new music and reimagining the music of some others.

With the hope that some of that music and some of those words will mean something, maybe to someone I don't know and will never meet.

For a moment, we are together, not apart.

Enough of those moments will save the world.





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