Leaving Behind

It takes something to create.

To create enough space that something flies, flows or slithers in.

At times, dragged in.

Find the right or mostly right.

Convince yourself to put it out in the world.

Be heard or not.

Be seen or not.

Keep doing it.

It's easy to get off track.

To get “busy”.

It's not the time.

Not really.

Life is to be lived.

It also does not come free of obligation. 

It can get in the way, obligation, and depending on the importance, and urgency, it should.

Because following through on some of those obligations will be things that make a difference.

For you, for people you love.

It becomes a matter of intention.

Not just the inspirational quote kind of intention.

It takes the leaving behind kind of intention.

Because there are things that will be left behind.

Some of them will be those mindless things that temporarily stop the thinking or the worrying.

Others will be things you care about.  

It may feel like a a loss or a failure to leave them.

I have a project I started several years ago, and to keep it alive, while I recognize it's on pause , I turned it into sticky notes and put it on my wall.

Sometimes I lie on the floor in front of it, and keep the tiniest piece of spark alive until I get back to it.

Take some things out, let some things go.

Hold the space.

Keep that door open.

See what enters to fill the gap.

The word, the melody, the combination of thought and sound and emotion.

The step, the turn, the lift, the kiss of body to ground and air.

If it can't be big, make it small, tiny even.

A three line poem.

The verse of a song.

A picture of a pinecone.

Let it bring joy, and let it fill you up.

"til the next time.




I wrote this post for me, and for everyone who finds themselves adrift.










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