From the recording Make me a Memory

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Should I Give Up/Stand Tall

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This song is about how things look different at night..


Should I give up
If I could, would I
When it worked, did I
Give it all, hold some back
In case of bad judgement
Waiting for that other shoe
Did I make it drop
Just by thinking through it
Ought I
Have left something to chance
Stand tall
Think clear
Be real
No pretending, no defending

More space
Less noise
Calm down
Let's talk about it

I can forgive you, in the dark, it's true
I can forgive me, at night, when I'm alone

Too much
Too late
Too soon
No repenting, no resenting

Give up
Let go
Stay strong
Let's talk about it

Get down on our knees
Say we can't repeat
Empty, hurtful things
They're driving us from home

I am
You are
We're here
Understanding, not demanding

More space
Less noise
Calm down
We've talked about it

I can forgive me
You can forgive you
We can forgive us
Tonight when we're alone

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