April 23, 2017 


I've been thinking about regret. 

I have a line in one of my songs, "regrets and all they cost" 

Things I have and have not done. 

Things I have and have not said. 

Roads not taken. 

It's a punishing way to live-with regret. 

This feeling of sorrow for a poorly made decision or the regret of having not made that decision at all. 

I'm not sure there is a quick fix or a switch to be flipped. 

I have at times, written down my regrets, built a bonfire and sent them up in smoke. 

Only to build a new pile of regret. 

Is having regret punishment, punishment for a life we don't feel we deserve, or it is just fear in disguise? 

What would life look like, if I chose powerfully, knowing that every decision I made was made with intention using the knowledge and wisdom I had available to me?  What if I released my seemingly lifelong commitment to regret? 

Would that taste like freedom? 


I have a new album coming out soon, I am not going to regret telling everyone about it 


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